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Contact Elected Official

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Contact Elected Official

As an American citizen, it is your right to contact your elected officials. You may contact your Representative or Senator via phone call, e-mail, or formal letter.

First, determine who your elected officials are.  Every person in America has 3 individuals representing them on Capitol Hill, 1 member in the House of Representatives and 2 members in the Senate.  Use these links to determine who represents you in Congress. 

To contact your elected official via telephone, call the Capitol Hill operator (1-888-762-8760) and ask to be connected to the office of your elected official.
To contact your elected official via email, use the following links. 

To contact your elected official via formal letter, obtain their address information from the House of Representative links above.  Address your letter as follows:
To Your Senator:
The Honorable (full name)
(Room #) (Name) Senate Office Building
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510
To Your Representative:
The Honorable (full name)
(Room #) (Name) House Office Building
United States House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

Sample Letters